How to Create a Winning CV for a Career Change?

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Have you decided to change profession, sector or professional status? Well done! To prove your credibility in the coveted position, highlight all that legitimizes you in this process on your CV. Skills, training, hobbies: the recruiter must be able to hang on to concrete elements! Here are the best advices to make a great curriculum vitae for a career change.

Retain Traces of your Old Career on your CV

Do not make the mistake of letting go of all your past experiences! You may have radically changed fields, but your experiences accumulated over time are invaluable and bear witness to your professional development. If you held the same position for more than ten years before making a new orientation, for example, you need to leave a mark on that journey at all costs. Be proud of your career change, but also of what led you to that brave decision.

You do not need to erase all imprints of the past. Your former career has shaped the professional that you are today. While your interests and aspirations may have changed, your personal and social knowledge and skills have only evolved over time. However, use it sparingly and retain the most meaningful experience from your previous journey. Also use a cv template career change for a better result.

Stay Honest on your CV

It is always advisable not to lie in your curriculum vitae. Even if you would like to avoid explaining the reasons of a downtime related to your career change or a return to college, we recommend you to play fair and prepare yourself well. This way, you will be able to respond to the questions about your career reorientation. Get ready and stay confident. You have made the best decision about your professional future based on your priorities, ambitions and personal goals.

Your career change is inspiring and will amaze many people. You are the master of your destiny and you have made the choice to be where you are at the present time. If you think that your new resume CV is poor in terms of work experience, remember the most important thing is the quality of the experience. Not the quantity! Provide specific details on what you learned as part of this career transition, while making connections to one of your past experiences! Bet on your soft skills such as your adaptability, your team spirit, your determination, etc. They will set you apart, no matter what job you are looking for.

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