Six advantages of hosted PBX

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As Marx observed in 1867, capitalism has a tendency to concentrate capital into the hands of monopolies. In the early years of the 20th century, the corporate state was considered imminent; however, new technologies and creative enterprise have prevented it from coming to pass. 

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Digital technologies make it easier for innovative small businesses to punch above their weight and break into markets that seemed to have been sown up for decades. Today, we have new digital banks, Uber taxis, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, and bitcoin exchanges to prove it can be done. Not least, we have new communication networks in the form of the international VoIP wholesale provider. 
A business equipped with a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) can access features previously only available to big corporations. It becomes simple and affordable to operate large-scale customer relations systems and serve worldwide markets. Here are just six of the advantages: 

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Low costs 
Without the need for a physical telephone exchange, human operators or wired network, the costs of VoIP telephony are a fraction of old-style landlines. This allows you to have more lines and use them in new ways. 
Low maintenance 
Maintaining and updating the infrastructure is the service provider’s responsibility. They will constantly patch against security threats and install new technology. Provided that you choose an international VoIP wholesale provider that delivers a complete package, such as, you won’t have to do anything. 
Local connections 
You can provide local numbers in any city of your choice. This is appealing to customers seeking a local service or trying to avoid national charges from legacy telephone lines. 
Unified communications 
Digital communications enable calls to be transformed into voice messages and forwarded as email attachments, or for an email to be converted to voice and read over a phone. Conversations can be recorded, archived, transcribed and linked to CRM systems
With the new markets VoIP makes available, you are going to expand. When you do, adding new lines is neither difficult nor expensive. When a campaign is over, you can easily contract again. 
Customers are impressed by companies that appear organised and well-equipped, with your phone system creating a critical first impression. With hosted PBX, you can provide audio menus, information messages and auto-forwarding to key personnel, even when they are out of the office. 

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