Recycled Wooden Furniture – How to Buy the Best?

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Today, recycled wooden furniture is available all over the world and internet. It might look great in the photo but how do you know it’s going to last? While many of us in the twenty-first century are doing our best to recycle, buying something that will be back in the bin by the end of the year kind of defeats the point! Plus of course, nobody likes to waste their money. Indeed, if you’ve been looking around you will already know that quality and price can vary quite substantially and the shear nature of the furniture can make it difficult to work out what exactly you are paying for. Here are some top tips on how to buy the best for your money.

Wood is not Just Wood…

Reclaimed wood can come from just about anywhere: From the bottom of a reservoir to old furniture salvaged from around the globe. Wood is a strong material that can last for many years if taken care of. Some wood is even strong enough to survive without being looked after. These woods are usually in shorter supply and so you can expect to pay more for them. Additionally, wood does not have to be Vintage to be described as recycled or up-cycled. Make sure you understand what wood has been used and where it came from. In this way you should not end up paying through the nose for recycled wooden furniture that looks good but probably won’t last. Some companies are very transparent about this and when they are it’s a good sign!


This is probably the most overlooked aspect of recycled furniture. When you have a strong, well crafted piece it will last and if it does get damaged, usually repaired. In the long run this will save you money even though it is more expensive initially. Cheap and flimsy wooden furniture almost invariably ends up back at the landfill far too quickly and this not only wastes money but defeats the primary purpose of buying green, recycled / up-cycled furniture.

Company or Craftsmen?

Buying direct from craftsmen is always tempting and a good way to support small communities. Without doubt, you will discover a host of online websites like Etsy and Ebay listing furniture direct from those who designed and built it. This can be a very expensive way to buy and you might be surprised to know there are large companies selling furniture made by local craftsmen. However, they invariably provide guarantees, having greater quality control on the materials used and the standard delivered. This protects you, the buyer much more while continuing to support craftsmen around the world living in small communities.

Recycled wooden furniture is great for the environment and in the twenty-first century nothing could be more important. The variety available is vast and the prices can change considerably. These few pointers can help you make a decision – Bottom line is you still get what you pay for in the long run!

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