Protect your Fragile Objects with Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam during Renovation Work

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If you are planning renovation work in your office or your house, you should not forget to purchase the right protection for your valuable items. You have to prevent them from scratches, shocks, painting, dust and moisture. Closed cell polyethylene foam is a great solution for that. It is specially designed to absorb shock and its flexibility allows it to adapt to every type of product. It is available in sheets, cylinders, and tubes so, you can choose the right format according to your needs. Moreover, its versatility is reflected in many applications (archery targets, long‐term storage, etc.). It can even be used to sill plate gaskets and bond breaker in masonry work.

Which Type of Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam for which Use?

The choice of the closed cell polyethylene foam depends on the size and the level of fragility of the objects, products and furniture you want to protect during the renovation work. To help you pick it correctly, here are the types of closed cell foamed polyethylene and the characteristics.

Traditional Closed Cell PE Foam

It is a very strong, resilient and insulating type of closed cell foam. It is perfectly suited as the material and can be part of an ideal material which is suitable for sensitive and fragile products. It has shock absorbing and vibration dampening properties. It also ensures insulation and acts as a barrier or buoyancy component. Besides, it is perfect as a material for cushioning products in packaging applications. Foamed polyethylene has an interesting buoyancy so you can even use it with flotation equipment, and other nautical products.

Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Roll

PE foam roll is a chemically cross-linked model that provides attractive appeal as well as very interesting performance characteristics. Not only it has highly smooth surface and a perfect consistency, it is also endowed with excellent gauge control and premium physical and chemical properties. On the other hand, closed cell foam roll has low water absorption. Plus, the vapor transmission makes it both a versatile and reliable solution for several demanding applications. It can be the best choice for glasses, mirrors and other fragile items.

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam

This type of foamed polyethylene is extremely fine celled. We are talking about chemically cross-linked model which is suitable for applications that demand a thicker foam for more protection. It combines a smooth, beautiful feel with high end physical and chemical properties. Crossed-linked PE foam is the best option for a lot of applications, especially if it requires thicker sections of closed cell foam.

In a nutshell, it is recommended to buy closed cell polyethylene foam to protect your objects and furniture during renovation work. It will keep them out of any external aggressions such as scratches, bumps, dust, mold and moisture.

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