How to Create a Winning CV for a Career Change?

anastasya 14/08/2020

Have you decided to change profession, sector or professional status? Well done! To prove your credibility in the coveted position, highlight all that legitimizes you in this process on your CV. Skills, training, hobbies: the recruiter must be able to hang on to concrete elements! Here are the best advices to make a great curriculum vitae for a career change.

Retain Traces of your Old Career on your CV

Do not make the mistake of letting go of all your past experiences! You may have radically changed fields, but your experiences accumulated over time are invaluable and bear witness to your professional development. If you held the same position for more than ten years before making a new orientation, for example, you need to leave a mark on that journey at all costs. Be proud of your career change, but also of what led you to that brave decision.

You …

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Automotive News, New Expertise In Automotive

anastasya 02/08/2020

According to a report, market leader Maruti Suzuki holds 40% of the top spots in the ranki… It was evening when my former faculty roommate pulled up in his camper van. Recreational automobile Automotive Accessories rental company Outdoorsy is in talks with Rivian Automotive and Ford to…

  • Car corporations expect to make billions in revenue from software and subscription services.
  • Continental is presently working on the Reallabor Hamburg project, which is focused on making the mobility of tomorrow a reality with a large trial operation of autonomous shuttles in one of Germany‚Äôs largest cities.
  • Tata Nexon electrical vehicle experiential drives organised on the fourth edition of Godrej…
  • At 5,179 mm lengthy (in its standard-wheelbase form), 1,921 mm extensive and 1,503 mm tall, the brand new S-Class is barely bigger than its predecessor ; the native car is definitely a V223 long-wheelbase version, which makes it a hundred and ten mm

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