Why Commercial Refurbishing Projects Are Similar to Training for a Marathon

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The South of England has seen thousands of runners get ready for the London half marathon since mid-March. A lot of marathon runners run a thirteen point one mile distance in order to prepare for the big event. Running between Dartford and Reading or between Colchester and Hastings are popular warm-ups. Some runners prefer to cover the entire distance of the half marathon. Experienced marathon runners know that training requires a schedule or a plan. Preparing for a marathon is not unlike decorating or refurbishing a commercial space. Office decorators need a plan similar to the schedule marathon runners use to get ready.

Think of the Finished Product as Race Day

Your ultimate goal is to create a space that can be used by employees to perform a job or by consumers to shop. A commercial, office or even educational space needs to be functional and the amount of planning, work and time that goes into preparing this space will determine how well this space meets its goals. The workers, consumers or students who use this space will be affected by how the commercial refurbishment process was planned.

Think of Preparation as Distance Training

Marathon runners train by slowly increasing the distance they cover. You can end up overspending on the refurbishment project if you do not plan for everything ahead of time. Failing to prepare before getting started with a commercial refurbishment design project can uncover some structural issues. The best way to control the scale and cost of the project is to thoroughly analyse the space before getting started, by identifying issues and by planning out the entire process in details.

Organise the Project Into Muscle Sets

Runners need strong legs and a strong core. The core can be compared to the infrastructure of a commercial or office project. Other aspects of the project can be compared to different muscle sets. You wouldn’t start painting the walls of a commercial set if the power points aren’t installed yet. Pay attention to each aspect of the project to avoid redundant activities and to make sure everything is executed in the proper order.

Use the Interval Training Approach

Parts of your refurbishment or decorating project will be a lot faster to complete than others. Think of these varied speeds as interval training. Runners sometimes sprint to work on their speed and alternate with jogs to develop their resistance. The slower parts of the process can be frustrating but it is important to keep the larger picture in mind. All the preparation work won’t translate into any direct changes on the space you need to refurbish but you will see a difference once you get started on your project.

End the Process With the Taper

Runners usually focus on resting and recovering before the London Marathon. Some take a break from running while others only run for a short distance. They need to make sure that they will do their best on Marathon day and will go through a slower period in their training schedule known as the taper. You should use the same approach with your project. You can slow down once you have done the bulk of the work, which consists in taking care of the visual and structural detail, installing the partitions and walls, painting the walls and installing electric points. You will still have to take care of a few details such as installing office plants, adding brand graphics and making other small changes. These details are important for the people who will use the space but should be taken care of once you have accomplished other major goals.

It usually takes months if not years for the forty thousand amateur marathon runners to cover the twenty six point two miles of the London Marathon. Refurbishing a commercial space is a similar process since it is a major accomplishment that requires a lot of preparation.

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