Which Colours for a Modern CV?

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When you write your curriculum vitae, there are different elements that should be taken care of such as the content, the layout and the colours. So, which colours for your CV? This is a decisive question because, colours help to give a positive image of your profile when they are well used. Think about it carefully. Do not use colours that do not look like you and pay attention to the ones you choose. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Blue or Yellow

Blue is trendy and we highly advise you to choose a CV template with it. It is the colour of action, movement, summer and it illuminates your profile. Several shades are available like matt blue and dark blue. There are many possible variations. You can also use yellow, or mustard yellow! Be careful with colours that are too pale, however, because a light yellow quickly becomes invisible. Always print your CV to see the result on paper! It is an interesting colour, very stimulating, radiant and which allows to illuminate your profile. We recommend to make a resume online where you can download a cv template in pdf format with one of those two colours.

Red or Orange

Red and orange are two energizing colours. Red, contrary to what you might think, is a good colour for a resume. As we all know, it is the colour of passion but it is also stimulating. It is a colour that immediately reveals a profile. Feel free to use it in business areas like banking, finance and engineering. On the other hand, orange is the colour of tonicity and goes very well with communication and marketing sectors. It also inspires a sense of confidence, and gives an impression of impetus. Both of these colours are great for brightening up a profile, but they are pretty bold. So, do not put them everywhere, keep it discreet!

Pink or Purple

Pink is the colour that is essential for the events, communication and marketing professions. But be careful not to choose a sweet pink which can be too girly or too childish. Adopt flashy pink or grenadine pink which really gives your CV a real boost. Purple is a very springtime colour. It is perfect for summer jobs, or if you are applying as a florist, in clothing or textile fields, etc. Note that it should be combined with a fairly dark grey.

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