What is Service Management, usability & how it works

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What is called service management? The definition is a set of the ability of an organization to provide value to its customers in the form of services.

One form of ability to establish functions and processes for managing services through a continuous process premises strategy, design, transition, operation and periodic improvement.

The ability of an organization to describe the capacity, competence and confidence in taking action. Changing the existing resource to a more useful service is the core of Service Management.

The ability of the organization is usually bumped or faced with the challenges that arise in the development and travel of the company. If you confused about management work you can Click Here for more info.

Then what is the definition of Services? Service is how to deliver value to the customer by facilitating the wishes / expectations of the customer to be achieved. Service facilitates outcomes by improving the performance of related processes and by reducing the effects of contains. The result is the increased outcome of the outcome will be in accordance with the wishes.

In recent years the organization has always argued about the definition of “Service” as in the figure below.



Function is a unit of an organization that specifically forms a particular type of work that is responsible for a particular outcome. They are provided internally with the capabilities and resources needed for performance and outcomes. Function is meant from an organization to implement a certain principle, of course the function will be related to an authority and responsibility, mutual coordination between functions is a kind of good bad indicator in an organizational design.



A process is a closed loop because they provide change and transformation toward one goal and use feed back to reinforce itself and self-correct. Process itself is defined as actions, aids and sequences, some characteristics of the process are:

Measurable – We can measure a process, how well its performance, measure cost, quality and other variables.

Specific Result – A reason for the process is to delivered a result, this result should be able to be identified, calculated individually. If we can’t calculate a change then it is impossible to calculate the Service Desk that has been completed.

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