Tips for Novice Business Travelers

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Have you just been tapped to head out on your first business trip to meet with a client, vendor or remote office?  This can be exciting and intimidating for the novice business traveler.  No doubt your boss is aware of your limited professional travel experience. Follow these tips from the travel experts and you’ll pull off the details of your trip with admirable aplomb.  Either meet with your boss or the human resources department to fully understand the company’s policies for travel and entertainment expenses and procedures. Will you be responsible for booking your own flight? If the destination is the near east, be sure to take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and book your flight through Emirates. You won’t be disappointed with the fares and service offered by this extremely reputable airline. If you’re traveling with fellow co-workers, be sure to coordinate your accommodations with them.

It goes without saying that you’ll be prepared with the necessary materials and presentation data needed for a successful trip. On the personal side, be sure to pack appropriately for your trip. If you’re still sporting the same duffel bag or flower power luggage from college, this is a great opportunity to invest in quality luggage. Research the options and invest in a quality piece that will last for many trips to come. This is also the time to ensure your passport is up to date if you’re making an overseas trip.

Finally, check the weather in advance and pack appropriately. You don’t want a suitcase full of heavy clothes if you’re travelling to a warm climate and more than you want to be freezing if the temperatures are much lower at your final destination. Even if you have plans to out with coworkers or clients after business hours, it’s important that the attire you select is professional and well-tailored. One trick frequent travelers use is to roll garments and then place them in the suitcase. Not only will this allow you to fit more items in your suit case, but they won’t be wrinkled upon arrival. Best of luck to you!


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