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Skills To Apply To Survive In The Wilderness. The only thing that can stop you from losing your life in the wilderness is your survival skills are life is not easy as always. You may have accompanied your friends for a camp in the wilderness on a weekend. It is upon yourself to ensure that you are safe, you eat enough healthy food and drink clean water. The article, therefore, will discuss some of the crucial survival skills that will help you in the wilderness. Your body is not aware that you are in hardship, therefore, it will need food as always for survival. Food is essential for the body as it is the source of energy and ensure are you are healthy. to get food you will need the skills to identify the plants and insects that are edible. You should have the knowledge about edible plants and insects from their physical properties. Milky plants, fuzzy plants, bulbous plants and plants with three leaves are usually known to be poisonous. Plants are not able to meet all the nutritional requirements of your body as they will only provide you with vitamins and small amounts of proteins. Other nutritional components such as proteins and fats which are a rich source of energy can only be found in insects and animals. Bees, grasshoppers, and worms are some of the edible insects that you can find in the wilderness, and if absent you will need hunting skills. Water is life and makes it very important for the body. It is not easy to find water to drink in the desert which means you need to know some sources of water and how to collect it. The water sources are usually not clean, and you should filter it before drinking. Some of the sources of water in the wilderness is collecting rainwater or digging a deep hole in a muddy area and way for water to come out. You can purify your water by boiling it in a glass or aluminum tin over fire.
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Fire is essential for warmth at night, cooking of food and boiling of drinking water in the wilderness. Knowledge on how to start and maintain fire is essential. You can start fire by striking two stones or causing friction on dry wood. To avoid the process of starting the fire again, you should make sure it does not go off. You can also fall ill in the wilderness and therefore you should have knowledge of the right herbs to take to restore your health. Other skills that are important include first aid, self-defense, and preparation of housing.If You Read One Article About Resources, Read This One