No Wonder Many Of The Tours To Singapore, Because The Country Is Clean, Modern, Neat And Orderly Though Small

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For those who are “moneyed”, maybe tours to Singapore many times will not be a problem. But what if you only have a limited budget but also want to tour around Singapore? Do not pessimistic first, you can also. Please visit :

In this article, I will give you tips and guidance so that you can also travel to Singapore with budget frugal. Check out how to prepare travel, itinerary and tips Singapore tourist saving below:

  1. Preparation of Singapore tours

To prepare for a Singapore tour there are some things you should prepare, including:


Make sure your passport validity period is not less than 6 months. For example: If you plan to Singapore on June 15th, 2015, then at least your passport expiration date is December 30, 2015.

Immediately renew your passport if the validity period is less than 6 months. Do not let you fail to leave just because the passport has not been renewed. Now to make a new passport or renew passport no longer need to be bothered, thanks to the online system.

Find here easy the cheapest prices for flight tickets Low-Cost Carrier (LCC)

If you want a cheap stroll to Singapore, you must hunt for LCC plane tickets at a promo price.

Book a cheap budget hotel

The cost of living in Singapore can be quite expensive. Therefore, you need to be smart in finding cheap hotels strategically located in Singapore. Hotel chains like Fragrance Hotel are one of the recommended budget hotels.

Most ideal booking time is 1 month before arrival date, usually cheaper price.

If staying at the hotel is still considered expensive, there are other alternatives to stay in hostels. The difference between a hotel and a hostel is in its room concept. In a hostel usually, the type of room is dorm (like the dormitory) with many beds. Average hotel prices in Singapore around Rp100 thousand for one night.

  1. Itinerary of Singapore tour

Here is my travel itinerary with one friend (trip alone) in Singapore tour for 3 days.

Day 1: From Changi International Airport to hotel in downtown Singapore

Arrive at Changi International Airport, we go straight to terminal 2 where there is Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) which goes directly to downtown Singapore. We chose to use the MRT as it is the fastest and cheapest way to reach the hotels in central Singapore.

The location we are going to is Hotel Fragrance Ruby which is located at Jl. 10 Lorong 20 Geylang, Singapore. The hotel’s location is strategic, close to Aljunied MRT Station which is a 10-minute walk away.

Travel from the airport to Aljunied Station using MRT only takes about 30 minutes. MRT fares from the airport to Aljunied Station are only SGD 2.10.

Arriving at the hotel, we immediately checked-in by showing the hotel voucher to the receptionist. Finish check-in us directly to the room to rest.

As a budget hotel, Fragrance Hotel Ruby facility is quite satisfactory

As a budget hotel in Singapore, the Fragrance Hotel Ruby facility is satisfactory.

Day 2: Somerset Skatepark, Merlion Park, Sultan Mosque

We get up early at 08:00 am and get ready for sightseeing in Singapore. Our first goal is Somerset. Somerset is Singapore’s business and shopping center. Somerset’s location is also close to the famous Orchard Road for its shopping center.

Our goal of visiting Somerset is to play skateboarding at Somerset Skatepark (also known as Scape Skate Park). For you who love skateboarding, you should try skating here. The skatepark is spacious and free. To relax also can, there are some picnic tables on the edge of the skate park surrounded by many shady trees.

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