Key Things Service Scheduling Software Shouldn’t Miss

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After struggling with inefficiencies and paperwork for years, and researching for an ideal tool, you should decide to purchase a service scheduling software. This is one important decision you may have to make that will assist your service company to grow and become better in business.

However, do you know the bases a service scheduling software must have? Before spending your money, there are key things you need to make sure the service tool has. These include:

Customer Relationship Management

A scheduling system cannot be ideal if it lacks customer relationship management (CRM). You require a program that keeps track of all the interactions your techs have with clients. Things like special needs and history or comments from customers or their properties are important. They may include general knowledge like email addresses and phone numbers, which are important things your team must have when a client calls for an appointment. You also need to have a way of tracking everything that happens with clients from the first day they schedule an appointment to what happens on their property and bills. The office staff will appreciate such records when they are scheduling tasks.


Scheduling is more than having a simple calendar comprising of appointments. Can the program mass schedule? In case you have some contracts, can you schedule according to how they are set up? Is it possible to add techs to scheduled work orders? Think about your daily scheduling processes and the rare instances as well. Can your system assist you in scheduling or will it just show a day’s work?

Filed compatibility

A service scheduling system alone is beneficial to all service businesses, but one valuable thing to both office staff and techs is the transfer of data to and from the field electronically. When techs get their schedules, they will know how long the job will take and automatically see the changes on their plans. They also get any additional notes that have been made regarding that client, including their history. All this helps the techs to provide quality service. Efficiency is maintained by all the teams hence keeping the customer happier.


Since billing is done by the end of a day, week, or month, it’s easy to forget the importance of solving the daily scheduling inefficiencies. But, as long as you can schedule work orders, the software you are using should assist you with billing and official statements for the tasks too. Simply go to the website link for details.


Plain and simple, you need to make sure that the software program you’ll get can also communicate with your billing system to ensure that you don’t enter all your data manually after working hard to make the process paperless. If not so, what’s the point of having installed the system?

While it’s exciting to purchase new software for your company, you want to be sure that the solution has these features we have mentioned. Any other features are welcome too as long as they help you maintaining efficiency in your service provision.


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