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Introducing Trademarks And Copyright Laws – Learn Everything There Is For You To Know About It Trademark and copyright law is something that we have always heard, may it be in school or in the profession that we belong to, being part of the intellectual property rights, but then again, the truth of the matter is that, even if that is the case, lots of us, including businesses, artists as well as musicians, are more often than not, confused about the different between the two. We understand if you, yourself, have been so confused about the difference between trademark and copyright and that is why we are here, to help you have a clear understanding about what these two really are by means of explaining to you, through this article, the legal and the functional purposes of these two interests. When we say trademark, this actually pertains to the term, the design, the number or even the combination of elements that are applied to goods or services for the purpose of enabling the consumers to identify the source of them. That is what trademark really is, meanwhile, speaking of copyright, this pertains to the protection provided to the expression of original work of authorship after the expression itself has been transferred into a medium where it will be permanently held at like compact discs, paintings as well as books. You may not know it but there are actually instances wherein a particular design of an original work that is subjected already for copyright is being used for trademark purposes and this situation often causes possible confusion and overlapping. Now, we want to further explain the difference between trademark and copyright hence, we are also encouraging you to continue reading this article as we are sure you will know quite a number of things more about these two subject of interests. Another important thing that you need to know about copyright which makes it different from trademark is that it is automatic upon creation and fixation of an expression of an original work. Aside from that, you should need to know that when the copyright is already attached to the expression of an original work, the owner of the said copyright, subjected to some limited exceptions, will enjoy six very important and very exclusive statutory rights, and this is something that you cannot have under the trademark law. On the other side of things, when we say trademark law, this also pertains to the fact that the said law is derived from the “good will” that is required by the consumer association of the mark of the goods or of the services itself.
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