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How to Find a Microwave Oven

Placing a food in your microwave oven quickly heats your food and this is one of the most convenient way of reheating your food.

In this article, I have reviewed some of the microwaves that I found versatile, low price and is perfect for your dorm rooms as well as your studio apartment.

Sanyo EM-U1000
It has 0.7 cubic foot and a 10-5/8 inch glass turntable. This maybe small but this microwave can handle almost all plates but with the exception of those large dinner plates. The microwave can be small but it is an excellent choice for those who have small budget but still can offer good interior capacity, this model is also available in two colors black and white.
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Kenmore 66109 Quick Touch Control
This microwave is only 0.7 cubic feet but it has the features of a large microwave ovens, some of the features includes 9 quick touch buttons, timed defrost options and electronic touchpad controls. The unit is very compact that its size is just about an oven toaster which measures only 18 inches wide, 11 inches tall, 11 inches deep and t is clearly designed for those small spaces countertops.
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Panasonic NNSN667 1300 Watts Microwave Oven
The microwaves uses energy to cook the food but foods can also be cooked on the inside but the outside and the edges will be hard and overcooked. when you are cooking delicate foods, it is always best that you have to set it on simmer as this will cook the food evenly without burning the edges and the surface. This microwave has the right settings to cook you food just right.

Sharp Toaster R-55
The Sharp Toaster oven R-55 is hybrid and multi-functional as it combines microwaving, baking and even toasting all in the same cavity. If you are going to toast using this microwave, it may not be as good as that of an oven toaster and it also takes longer than usual, this is because of the heating elements.

A small microwave oven that can heat your food anywhere, anytime
The Wavebox portable is your perfect partner if you love to do camping. The Wavebox portable can be plugged directly on to your RV’s outlet and for that you will surely have a hearty meal on a cold summer night.

The Wavebox microwave is great because you can have two options on how to run it, you can either choose to plug it in an AC/DC outlet or use 12 volts battery, it is also very small that you can simply store it inside a cupboard.