How Best to Choose a Supplier of Fruit Juice for Your Business

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Many businesses make use of various types of fruit juices, either as a product served to customers in a restaurant or as part of the ingredients of a beverage or drink product such as flavoured milk or yoghurt. But if your business is looking for a supplier of fruit juices, you need to know first exactly what kind of fruit juice you need – do you need a fruit juice concentrate, not from concentrate fruit juice, fruit aromas or purees, or even ‘plant water’ such as coconut water, birch water, maple water, or aloe vera water?

Once you have determined what type of fruit juice you require, it will be easier to focus on a supplier which can provide you with what you really require. But that’s just one part of the process – you still need to make sure that the supplier you choose is a good one and can deliver on your expectations. Here, then, is how best to choose a supplier of fruit juice for your business.

The quality

Of course, the most important factor that will decide your choice of a fruit juice supplier is the quality of their product. The quality of the fruit juice will determine the quality of your final product, and you have to consider your customers’ satisfaction overall. The fruit, for instance, should only be harvested at the right moment, and it should meet high-quality standards when it comes to taste and flavour. A fruit juice supplier which knows all about the fruit – which is aware of the best time for growing the fruit, the best time to harvest the fruit, and so on – should be able to give you the quality you deserve.

Transparency – straight from the source

Whilst there may be a good number of fruit juice suppliers, not many can boast that they have utmost transparency. And by transparency, we mean knowing where the fruit really comes from – where it is grown and harvested, what it goes through before processing, and more. A fruit juice supplier which can prove that they know exactly where the fruit has been grown and processed will be better able to provide you with good fruit juices compared to a supplier which cannot answer your questions regarding provenance.


Fruit juice suppliers should be working closely with a fruit juice manufacturer so they know the different processes of fruit juice manufacturing, including the different types of fruit juices which can be produced and are available. If the fruit juice supplier can offer you variety when it comes to fruit juices by offering you variations such as fruit juice concentrates, fruit purees, not from concentrate fruit juice, fruit aromas, and more, then you have a better chance of utilising the exact fruit juice product you really need.


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