Here Are 6 Powerful Tips to Clean Stubborn Stains on the Wall of the House

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Do you know that there are many ingredients at home that we can use to clean stubborn stains on walls naturally? Yes, the ingredients are so familiar at home and often near us. You can try it if there are problems with stubborn stains on the walls of the house. If it’s still not clean, you can call soft washing San Antonio.

Here are 6 tips for cleaning stains on the walls of the house.

  1. Use Toothpaste

In addition to being useful in caring for our teeth, toothpaste can actually cleanse stains like crayons on the walls of a house. The trick, apply enough toothpaste to a clean rag and then wipe the cloth to the stain. After the stain wears off, use a damp cloth to clean the stained stain.

  • Utilizing Lemon

Lemon has long been known as a powerful natural cleansing agent. One of the benefits of this fruit is to lift stubborn dirt on the walls of the house. Cut the lemons transversely into two parts. Rub this lemon flesh into the surface of the dirty wall until clean again. No need to wipe, because the scent of lemon can be an air freshener.

  • Using Baby Powder

Baby powder turns out to contain natural ingredients that can absorb stains on the wall. The steps are quite easy. You just rub baby powder on the surface of the wall using your bare hands. You can also mix baby powder and enough water to make it rougher. Don’t forget to wipe again with a clean cloth.

  • Using Baking Powder

One baking ingredient that can be used to clean up stains on walls is baking powder. Mix baking powder with enough clean water. Then, apply this mixture to the dirty wall surface. Gently rub the stain on the wall using a cloth until the stubborn stain disappears.

  • Utilizing Vinegar

Vinegar has a natural content that can suppress stubborn dirt on the walls. Pour enough vinegar onto a clean cotton swab. Next, wipe the cotton against the wall surface until the stain disappears. The wall also looks charming again.

  • Empowering Alcohol

Alcohol is a versatile cleaning fluid. In addition to being useful for cleaning wounds, it turns out that alcohol is very good to be used to help remove stains on the walls, you know. Do not believe? Try pouring alcohol into a clean swab, then rubbing the stain. Use a circular motion so that the stain removal process can take place more quickly. The stain disappears immediately.

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