Haven Convention 2017 with Chris Oyakhilome

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For what has now become an annual event thousands came in attendance to the Haven Convention 2017. One of the main attractions for most of the attendees was the Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The polarizing and inspirational man of God who also goes by Pastor Chris has not only preached the word of God for several years to many the world over but has lived his life through example.


Know for being a man not only of God but a true philanthropist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has taken the time to truly help those around him. Over the years through his Christ Embassy Ministry, he has made it his mission to help the poor, the sick and those in need of spiritual enlightenment. The pastor has also taken the time to write many notable inspirational books further spreading the word of God, and providing inspiration to millions the world over. Some of these becoming best sellers. This year’s Haven Convention had perhaps one of the best runs out to date with numerous individuals coming to hear the not just the inspirational words of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome but also in attendance were other notable and inspirational keynote speakers. For those who happened to miss the Haven Convention 2017 no need to feel left out, the entire event can be viewed anytime online Through the amazing videos brought out by Love World Website which features numerous ministries from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who no doubt was the main attraction of the event. As for next year, could the turn out be even greater only time will tell?


So, what could possibly be next for this well-known Pastor along with the Christ Embassy Church? Well, how about a television network as well as the podcast online. That’s right there is now a plan in the works to launch a TV network for called Live World TV. The plan is for the network to be launched in the summer of 2017 and be broadcast throughout the United States. The plan is the for the channel to be provided through the Olympusat Cable TV service and to be a 24-hour broadcast network. Of course, Chris Oyakhilome will be featured on the network and so will other polarizing figures such as Pastor Benny Hinn, another notable Evangelist, and teacher. There will also be inspirational talk shows and featured events such as of course the Haven Convention. So, the man who has become beloved the world over in places such as Nigeria and the United States now plans to take his word of God to television. Perhaps being a lesson to us all about when we have a mission in life, even when it feels we have full filled it, we need to keep moving forward to keep striving to continue to take things even further. Pastor Chris has devoted his life to God and has not only shared the word of God but has literally practiced what he has preached, making him all the more popular.

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