Eight Significant Trends in Plastic Card Mailers

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Direct response research experts Who’s Mailing What! recently shared insights on the state of direct mail in 2021 and trends to look out for in 2022. Below are eight major compiled highlights of their findings:

  1. Postcards, such as the plastic card mailer, have been continually rising in popularity over the last 12 years, while both envelopes and self-mailers drop in usage.
  2. Postcard copy, sentences, and paragraphs are getting shorter and more concise.
  3. Direct mail postcards are integrating with digital, through social media profile links, QR Codes, or website visits.
  4. Companies of all ages are using direct mailers as a part of their marketing mix.
  5. Direct mail is integrating with cutting edge technology, from variable data printing and QR Code integration to triggered events and voice-activated calls to action.
  6. Specialty branding features like a plastic card mailer, scent, or AR are being used to boost response rates.
  7. Better segmentation is creating opportunities for more targeted, personalized messaging.
  8. Increased consumer use of the free Informed Delivery USPS service creates another viable consumer touchpoint for direct response campaigns.

Overall, direct response communication is moving in the same direction as all other successful customer experiences: toward omnichannel. Consider that customers want an integrated experience when designing your next direct response campaign.

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