Do not stress, Here is how to Survive Suddenly fired

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This is no longer a secret. The current situation makes the economy and business in Indonesia disrupted. The spread of the Coronavirus forced various companies and SMEs to temporarily close their businesses, either because of government calls or the owners’ own wishes as an attempt to minimize the spread or because their business turnover decreased. Clearly, many companies in various industries are affected by their financial condition so they have to cut operating costs by reducing staff/employees.

If you are an employee who has been laid off or whose working hours and wages have been reduced due to the Corona virus pandemic, you are clearly not alone. At least 1.6 million workers in the UK have already been laid off and housed. The government also provides Pre-Employment cards to assist employees who have been laid off and housed.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. However, there is still much you can do to survive the loss of a job, as Investree will explain below. Come on, take a look!

Manage current expenses

If you are currently unemployed, try to get help, one of which is a Pre-Employment card provided by the government. Additionally, if you have a home, vehicle, or credit card installment, you can try contacting your service provider to request relief. Because, there are already many banking institutions, pawns, to leasing, which provide relief in the form of credit restructuring to its customers who are directly affected by the spread of the Corona virus. Government-recommended credit restructuring can be in the form of extended periods, deferment of installment payments, and the release of installment fines.

Think of an emergency plan

If you are used to preparing emergency funds, you are definitely better prepared to face the situation as it is now. Or, consider selling an asset you own if you are unable to find a suitable job in the near future. You can also move to a cheaper place to live, take advantage of the life insurance policy if possible, reduce spending by increasing self-employment, such as cooking for three meals, making your own cake/drink for snacks, washing your own clothes, cleaning your own house, etc. The level of comfort must be reduced in order for you to survive. If you fired on your work, you can still get money if you using Payday Loans.

Behave creatively creatively

Sometimes urgent conditions make a lot of creative ideas appear and all you need to do is execute them immediately. Take a look at your spending, and determine what habits you can change until your finances return to normal. Maybe reducing your meal schedule from the previous three times a day to just twice a day can help you survive.

Rediscover the spirit of life

Take a moment to regroup your spirits and common sense. Anxiety and early panic are normal. Give yourself a few days to process it and regain the spirit of life. There is no need to rush to solve problems because it can make stress appear faster after the events of your life. Try to manage stress, such as exercising regularly or doing whatever you like to regain the passion of your life.

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