Different Types of LED Monitor with LCD Monitor

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We are often faced with monitors, even this one device is part of the technology needs in business, agency and also in other fields. Monitor is a hardware that functioned as output for data on the CPU. In general, the monitor is also called a screen on a computer that becomes hardware to display data or video. Monitor can not be separated from the computer, without a monitor then the computer will not be possible to use, let alone to display data or images. Currently, the size of the monitor is very diverse, there are monitors measuring 14 inches, 17 inches, 20 inches to now have developed monitors measuring 21 inches.

With the monitor then the graphics data coming from the processor can be displayed by the computer so that users can see it on the screen. On each computer monitor, they all have different resolutions depending on the size of the monitor. The monitor screen with a size of 20 inches generally has a resolution of 1600x 1200, while the screen with a size of 17 inches usually has a resolution of 1024 × 768. With a variety of sizes and also types of monitors, you can customize it to work needs and need holder monitor visit Manufacturer of monitor arms.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

CRT is a tube monitor where there are tubes containing electrons so that they can be used to view images and also create images. High-speed cathode rays produce a display on a CRT monitor. After that the emission generated by the electron beam forms a pattern on the screen. These monitors cost much less than other monitors.

Plasma Display

A plasma monitor is a monitor in every pixel on the screen illuminated by a plasma or gas like a small fluorescent lamp. The plasma monitor display is thinner than the CRT monitor.

LCD monitor

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display is a monitor that does not use a tube. In this type of monitor, the resulting image has a higher precision and flat. This monitor has a liquid crystal material consisting of considerable pixels. On the LCD monitor, the light dot inside it can not emit light. The light on this monitor comes from the white neon lights behind the crystal.

LED monitor

The latest monitors currently on the market are LEDs, this one monitor has a sufficient number of pixels to produce sharper and more real images.

Currently, two types of monitors are widely used are LCD and LED. Both types of monitors are indeed the same quality, but there are some differences between these two monitors. LEDs have lower operating temperatures compared to LCDs. By Using the LED screen then the use of power can be minimized, LED display is also lighter carried compared to LCD. The LCD screen has a low dimension and has no flicker effect.

Unfortunately, the LCD screen has a fairly limited viewing angle compared to the LED screen. On the LCD screen will be generated ghosting artiffact and also dead pixel. In terms of image sharpness, LED screen is much better quality than LCD. LEDs have excellent sharpness of images and images can look more real. This is what causes the LED monitor more and more demand, especially for television and computer.

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