8 Useful Tips for Using Rental Storage Units

Sometimes there is a need for more storage space and renting a local storage unit, such as a Hemel Hempstead self storage units,  can be the answer.  If you are new to self storages, below are a few tips and tricks that are not obvious to new renters but can save a lot of headaches:

1) Make Use of Pallets

Making use of pallets to keep items off the floor is essential to prevent water from damaging goods. Melting snow and rain from thunder storms can blow in under the door or spills can leak in from the adjacent unit and spoil an heirloom sofa.

2) Wrap Everything in Plastic Wrap

Wrap as much as you can in the industrial grade plastic wrap to seal things tight and keep dust and bugs out. When storing your precious belongings, invest in a large roll of plastic wrap and wrap everything up …