The Importance of Focusing on Human Capital

You have probably heard the common analogy used to explain how companies and even small-time businesses work. They say that it functions like a machine, comprised of different parts with different purposes. Each employee acts as the cogs of the machine, possessing a specific set of skills to fulfill different goals. Collectively, these goals fall under the company’s predetermined objectives. With the efforts put in by each employee, hopefully within a set time frame, those objectives have already been satisfied.

These efforts and skills are termed “human capital.” But what is it, and why should you, as a business owner, invest in it?

What is human capital?

The talent pool required for a company to succeed has been referred to as “human capital” – a term coined by Gary Becker and Jacob Mincer. Basically, it is how one measures the economic value that a person who is hired can provide …

Key Things Service Scheduling Software Shouldn’t Miss

After struggling with inefficiencies and paperwork for years, and researching for an ideal tool, you should decide to purchase a service scheduling software. This is one important decision you may have to make that will assist your service company to grow and become better in business.

However, do you know the bases a service scheduling software must have? Before spending your money, there are key things you need to make sure the service tool has. These include:

Customer Relationship Management

A scheduling system cannot be ideal if it lacks customer relationship management (CRM). You require a program that keeps track of all the interactions your techs have with clients. Things like special needs and history or comments from customers or their properties are important. They may include general knowledge like email addresses and phone numbers, which are important things your team must have when a client calls for an appointment. …