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Balinese handicrafts from wood in Indonesia have various types from Overseas. It is closely related to the treasures and creations of the Indonesian crafters such as Balinese and Javanese artists, they are the bridge in finding a wide range of woodcraft crafts typical of tourist areas in Indonesia which consists of various variations so that for consumers who mostly are foreign tourists is a choice Interesting to buy.

The next development is Indonesian woodcraft craft is growing rapidly into one of the online business opportunities that if you carefully observe will give the prospect is quite bright because it is easy in bringing up creative ideas about processing ordinary wood into wooden handicraft products that have high artistic value so worth selling and try Have the characteristics and characteristics of each producing region. If you want to see more artwork from wood you can visit Painted Floorboards

Each wooden craft that spread in Indonesia is derived from the cities are quite famous as a tourist city like the island of Bali. The wooden craft that is produced consists of many varieties and has its own uniqueness according to the background where the souvenirs are made as Bali is famous as the island with one thousand unique types of statues such as wooden masks, eagles accompanied by beautiful carvings of tunjung flowers Dragon snake coil, while products produced from outside Bali also has its own form.

Artwork From Wood

Various handicraft business in Bali made of wood in general is divided into two categories namely wooden crafts in large size and wooden crafts in the form of funny and beautiful trinkets. On a large scale that is currently a trend, some Balinese craftsmen produce various handicraft business in Bali in the form of wooden painting artwork that often found in Art Shop.

The background of the emergence of this artwork is from Russia was first introduced to the public by a professional wood carver named Kronid Gogolev. His works have a lot of fans because besides paying attention to the artistic value of the paintings are carved also full of messages about the close interaction between humans and the outdoors around it. Currently works that resemble the original paintings Kronid Gogolev many made by souvenir businessmen from outside Russia such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

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