Avoid the pitfalls of a house move with these top tips

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Make no mistake, moving house is rarely a straightforward process with various snags in the buying and selling process. But once you’ve exchanged contracts and secured your new home it’s only natural that you’ll want the actual moving process to go smoothly.

Deciding how to pack up your precious items, hefty furniture and electrical appliances in the most practical and economic way is a challenge in itself. And once you’re packed up and ready to go, you need to pick the right removal company to transfer your possessions safely, efficiently and within budget.

The key to a successful move starts with choosing the right removal company to help you with the job. This is closely followed by how you pack your items in the first place.

Choose the right packaging

Using the correct packing materials is really important when you’re faced with the overwhelming task of emptying your home. Cardboard boxes need to be strong and the right size. Too flimsy and you could damage valuable goods and the wrong size will have you tearing your hair out if you can’t squeeze things in.

Use each cardboard box sensibly. Make sure you fill each one and fit bubble wrap around the inners so items can’t be damaged or move around inside too much. You also need to think about unpacking at the other end after a long day, so label each box accordingly so unloading becomes a much slicker process. Think about essential items as well. Knowing where you’ve packed the kettle, tea and coffee might be worthwhile if you’re tired after a day of lugging boxes around.

Of course, once you’ve packed every box, you need choose how to transport your belongings. Research has revealed that between 4-5{8734f0ab16c23d795b7ea9125b4d2a3cb0f3ee6a126f0e912a612502b429883f} of UK residents move house to a different city or county each year so many people use a removal company to save time and stress.
It’s important to know what to look for when choosing a removal company. Here’s some advice:

Give yourself time:
Getting together a few quotes from potential removal companies might take a few weeks especially at busier times, and you may have a specific moving date in mind. At peak times of the year removal companies can be booked up for weeks ahead so think about this carefully before your completion date is due.

Get more than one quote
Larger companies will offer a packing service for your ease and convenienceso take this into account when shopping around for the right quote. Some companies will offer you a quick quote online but this may lack details so ensure your quote includes a sales estimator who will come and assess how big the removal job actually is – and what can be tailored to your needs.

Insurance for peace of mind

For peace of mind, make sure your delivery company are insured against loss or breakages during the removal process. It’s also worth contacting your home contents insurance company to check if your goods are insured during transit.

Experience and testimonials

Check how long a removal company have been in business. The best ones will have seen it and done it all before putting your mind at ease if you’re worried about the removal process. Read website testimonials as well if they’re available.

An experienced removal company will also be able to deal with any unexpected problems. They will be able to provide advice and should offer an on-site visit to discuss concerns and check vehicle access to your property.

The most reliable removal companies will be used to dealing with goods and furnishings of all sizes as well as providing you with a full service so your transition to your new home is as smooth as possible.

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