8 Useful Tips for Using Rental Storage Units

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Sometimes there is a need for more storage space and renting a local storage unit, such as a Hemel Hempstead self storage units,  can be the answer.  If you are new to self storages, below are a few tips and tricks that are not obvious to new renters but can save a lot of headaches:

1) Make Use of Pallets

Making use of pallets to keep items off the floor is essential to prevent water from damaging goods. Melting snow and rain from thunder storms can blow in under the door or spills can leak in from the adjacent unit and spoil an heirloom sofa.

2) Wrap Everything in Plastic Wrap

Wrap as much as you can in the industrial grade plastic wrap to seal things tight and keep dust and bugs out. When storing your precious belongings, invest in a large roll of plastic wrap and wrap everything up airtight. Alternatively, make use of a vacuum sealer.

3) Invest in an All-Weather Lock

Although most units have security, invest in a small, hefty, all-weather lock with a short arm to prevent a bolt cutter from sliding under to cut it open. This will provide extra protection to your storage unit should there be a breach in security.

4) Label Everything

Even though you know exactly what everything looks like when you pack it into the storage unit, after 6 months or so you may have forgotten and it will save ages digging through goods and opening packages at random to find what you are looking for. Label the hidden as well as the obvious packages and even go so far as to make a checklist of everything with numbers, and more or less the location (for example “far back right corner or under the desk”). You can also write a brief description like “camera to sell on eBay” – anything that will make it easier to quickly locate your stuff in a confined, tightly packed space.

5) Plan for Temperature Change

Although the weather may not be an issue in some parts, plan for temperature changes. Some things are sensitive to cold or heat and should be double wrapped or insulated or not stored in the first place if the weather could damage it. Examples are vinyl records, old photos that get damaged in high humidity and anything else that may be affected by fluctuating temperatures.

6) Cat Litter to Access Unit on Wet Days

In winter carry sand, cat litter or sheets of plywood to the unit when unloading items. Most outdoor storage units are designed to allow water to drain away from the doors to a central location which can sometimes cause large ice slicks, making it nearly impossible to access goods without risking physical damage from slipping and falling.

7) Protect the Actual Storage

Protect the actual storage unit to prevent paying heavy fines for damage done during tenancy such as scratches and spillages. For example, should you be using a rented storage unit to store equipment used in a restoration business, cover the walls and floors with thick plastic to protect it from things like glue drips, paint, sprays and other accidental damages.

8) Pack Containers Wisely

Use the space well by packing containers wisely. Even the smallest units can hold a great deal if you make sure that all available space is utilised. Make use of plywood to lay across containers which will stabilise the layers as you stack them up. This method will take pressure off the tops of containers and help keep the contents safe.

If you take the above tips and trick into consideration when renting a storage unit you will be making much better use of the available space, prevent damage to yourself and your goods and prevent fines by protecting the storage unit from damage. When considering the use of a rented storage unit, make sure that you use a reputable company with good security, situated in a relatively safe area.

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