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Guide to Pharmacy Automation

Similar to a counting machine that has enormously improved our banking systems, pharmacy automation calls for a more appropriate measure to see to it that no margin of error would occur in dispensing those drugs.

At present, there is a high demand from health care professionals, patients, regulatory bodies and manufacturers for accuracy, safety, and competency within the pharmacy and this is the reason why pharmacy automation systems are being put in place today even though these machines were already being used for a while by high volume dispensaries. It is only logical to automate since there is an increasing prescription volume of patient population taking pills every day, including the increasing cost of labor to count them with accuracy.

These robotic machine with various control systems and switching mechanisms are a great help to this often short-staffed pharmacy. There will be no cross contamination when these robotic machines are used since the medications are separated by cells and chutes. These robotic automation systems are able to track lot numbers and expirations dates to safeguard not only the dispensing of the medicines but also useful for restocking errors or inventory because of the extensive use of bar code scanners and software.
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To further aid in the accuracy of the dispenser, there is a specialized monitor that displays the patient’s name, the drug, the prescription information with a full-color image of the drug. These measures are put in place in order to go over and prevent error. Because of the tight spaces in pharmacies, it is beneficial that the design of these automation machines are compact. You can either choose a stand-alone floor model, end-cap or the counter model.
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For pharmacy owners who wish to improve the way their pharmacy operates, then they will do good if they get this robotic prescription dispensing system. Pharmacists can do away with the time consuming manual counting, filling, capping, and labeling patients’ prescriptions, thanks to the robotic machines that can perform these tedious tasks at a faster time. This system can increase the productivity of pharmacists and it can also satisfy patients with fast, good, and accurate service. Something that is very crucial in this type of business. Patients will seek another pharmacy is they have to wait long to speak to a pharmacist or pick up a prescription with their RX discount card.

If there is no pharmacy automation system there will be a lot of wastage since if a pharmacist draws two grams from a ten gram vial, she has to discard what’s remaining in the vial since she cannot use it again to avoid contamination. However, an automated system is sterile and able to draw from the same vial twice. This results is reduced waste and substantial long-term savings.

With automation machines your pharmacy will have fast service, safe service, and accurate service.