5 Applications to Make Your Time in The Office

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Offices around the world were flooded with PCs over time in which tasks are carried out is much smaller. With the advent of e-mail some to put aside the phone and internet was a kind of angel that came for those who “became friends” could take advantage of its benefits. But she also got the games, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and hundreds of things that make your time well is compromised. More than once you will have passed you said “I’m going for a while Facebook and when you realized they had spent 3 hours (literally).

That’s why in recent years I have become really interested in embracing technologies in order to speed up as well as centralize as much of these types of administrative activities as I possibly can.

Many software developers are aware of this and began to create applications that let you leverage your time and not get lost in the sea of information.


This is one of those applications that can not miss. It has everything a person needs to organize personal information not only office but also keeping notes (hence the name). But Evernote lets you save not only notes but also images and even record voice messages.

Best of all, it works with Windows, Mac and can be synchronized with most portable devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Pixi and Windows Mobile). This means that if you load information on your Mac or PC you will be able to pass it to your phone, laptop or notebook with a few simple clicks.

This service is free or paid option. The only difference is the amount of information that can be stored on Evernote’s servers each month (free 60MB pay 1.000MB). This is because all the data that you have in your application will be kept on the Internet not only to keep it safe in case your computer is broken but to be able to have everything up to date with your mobile devices.


On a day to day, both in the office or in your personal life, how many things you have to do is terrible. Since completing the report your boss asked you last week to buy the shoes you want about 2 months or pay the car insurance. Make a list of all tasks is a great way to organize your time well and not miss anything. That’s what Remember The Milk (RTM).

This application only works through the web and allow you to make lists of your outstanding issues in a simple manner and in virtually any language (available in 20 languages). But its interesting features do not end just to make lists, as you can configure it to send you emails reminding you to take a higher priority task or notify you by MSN (or one of the most widely used messengers).

Finally, being a service that works over the Internet you will be able to access your task lists not only from your computer, but also from the labor of a friend or from your smartphone.


This is software that runs other applications. What it does is index all applications on the directory of your operating system (which can be both Windows and Mac OS X and Linux) and so allows you access to all of them in a quick and simple without having to go to the classic Click Start, select the folder and choose the program.

This software runs when you turn on the computer and opened by pressing the key combination “alt + space bar” (although you can configure it to choose the more functional you.) At that time you will see a field to type in it and that’s where you can put whatever you want. If you put “Google” is going to open the famous search engine, “Firefox” browser or “Word” word processor from Microsoft.

In this way it will not be necessary for you to explore all of your operating system to run an application. Each time you use Launchy going to be saving a few seconds, at the end of the day or week, be long.


In many opportunities you’ve probably been working on important things and surfing the internet at the same time. As in more than one occasion, found something interesting to read that you had to put aside for later and when you wanted to go see what it was you had closed the browser window and you do not have any idea where I was to get it had crossed.

Read It Later is an extension for all browsers (works with both Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox), smart phones and portable devices (Android, BlackBerry WebOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, IPAD) which enables you to save links to you can read them later. Even you are able to do when you’re not connected to the internet.


Many times people who work through the Internet have to transfer files between clients or simply having to spend all day carrying a flash drive because it has to carry information from home to office. If this is your case Dropbox will save your life.

It is a service that lets you hold all your information on the Internet. This means that if, for example, are working on a report and do not want to walk and carry it in your pendrive or enviandotelo your email all you have to do is log into your account and upload service.

The good news is that the project will let you install an application on your operating system (runs on Windows, Mac and Linux as well as versions for smartphones used) and browsing through files that have been saved as if it were a folder more . The only thing you have to do is copy, paste it into your desktop and when you are finished transferring (the end of the day is the same as downloading something from the network) and you’re going to be ready for use.

More and more people around the world begin to use different applications to save time and take advantage of a better way. This is a good opportunity for you and let you start running anti-clockwise.

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